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From culture shock to cone-shell poison, what better way to experience the highs and lows of global ocean travel than through the words of the captain’s mate, mother of two…teenaged boys. Lona Gray chronicled every aspect of their sailing adventure from how to find and prepare meals, how to repair engines, how to avoid monsoons, how to educate teenagers, and how to stay sane living in small quarters far from all the comforts…of stateside living. Through Lona’s words, we see and feel Captain Bobby’s frustrations and triumphs, we meet their new friends, and we experience the rush of unexpected weather.

--Cathie Katz, author of Sierra  

  Club’s Nature a Day at a Time: An

  Uncommon Look At Common


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  “Caught by the Lure of the Sea

  is a compelling and realistic

  account for…anyone considering

  taking the leap of faith to follow

  a romantic dream.”
  Cathie Katz, author of Sierra  

  Club’s Nature a Day at a Time: An

  Uncommon Look At Common



  “If you’ve ever dreamt of sailing

  around the world, family in tow,

  this is the vicarious trip of a

  Carole Kotkin, co-author  

  MMMMiami—Tempting Tropical

  Tastes for Home Cooks Everywhere;

  food editor and

  free-lance travel writer.


  “…you should read the

  adventures of Bobbie and Lona

  Gray aboard the sailing vessel

  Immanuel…they met priests

  and pirates and braved stormy

  seas to bring you a story you’ll

  not forget.”
  John A. Brennan, former 

  Commodore of the Coconut  

  Grove Sailing Club  



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"Bobby got the bow into our slip, Michael got a line to Robby, and I got my line around the piling and held as tight as I could. All of a sudden, I was sitting on the deck and Immanuel was making frightening noises. I grabbed my line again thinking I had done something horribly wrong. then I realized that not only were we still going forward, but we seemed to have picked up speed. Bobby turned off the engine and left the helm and there was the echo of a tremendous bang in my ears."



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