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A Lesson From the Nazis

By Robby Gray

April 20, 2004

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            I have been compelled to write this political article of the month, after my recent tour of the concentration camps Mauthausen and Auschwitz-Birkenau, on one of the most important lessons that I have learned from the Holocaust. I know that you already have read or heard of the unbelievable and incomprehensible horrors of the concentration camps, so I will only write of a lesson to be learned from the Holocaust that has already been forgotten, thanks to the great majority of our media and education being liberal. This lesson is found in the Nuremberg Trials and the millions of "undesirables" that were tortured, then murdered by the Nazis. Legally. Let me emphasize that point. All the people who tortured and murdered the "undesirables" during the Holocaust did so lawfully. The lesson? A government working under political law* is unstable and capable of anything.

            The United States of America was formed and governed under the acceptance of a Higher Law**  (see the political quote of the month on the politics and religion homepage, NOW ARCHIVED under "previous quotes of the month" on the politics and religion homepage) until recent times when such questions as abortion, the right of an unborn baby to life, are being decided by political means. Just think, the right for a baby to live is being decided by majority rule. Scary stuff! Even if abortion is abolished democratically***, probably in the form of a constitutional amendment, the right to life--yours and mine included--will not be regarded as a God given right but as a gift from the voters. And voters can change their minds. This was the base that gave the Nazis the government given right to murder any "undesirables."

            In 1946 there was a ray of hope, for the survival of the acceptance of Natural Law, in the form of the Nuremberg Trials. The government and liberal media and schools have done their best to bury the precedent set. That is, there is a Higher Law than any government's law, we are all obliged to obey this law, and courts must seek out and enforce this Higher Law.**** All the men that were found guilty and executed at Nuremberg had acted under orders and under German law. So how could they have been found guilty? The prosecution argued that "there is a higher duty" than anything our governments can impose on us and the judges agreed: "The fact that the defendant acted pursuant to orders of his government or of a superior shall not free him from responsibility." This precedent was set under 60 years ago and we have already forgotten!

            Because of the belief that there is no law higher than that of the government's law we had the chance to visit such places as Mauthausen and Auschwitz-Birkenau. To quote from Whatever Happened to Justice by Richard J. Maybury, we must "...never forget either the Nuremberg decision or the terrible events that made the Nuremberg trials necessary. Millions were sent to the death camps because of the assumption that there was no law higher than the government's law."


*POLITICAL LAW: Made up law. Same as legislation. Human law. Might makes right. (From Whatever Happened to Justice? by Richard J. Maybury)


**HIGHER LAW: A law higher than any human law. Or as the founders put it "the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God"


***People like to forget that the United States is a Representative Republic and use the word democracy instead. Democracy is simply rule by the majority. The founders had studied past democracies. In Federalist #10, James Madison wrote: "Such democracies have ever been spectacles of turbulence and contention; have ever been found incompatible with personal security or the rights of property; and have in general been as short in their lives as they have been violent in their deaths."


****See my articles titled "The Definition of Common Law" and "Common Law and Science" by going to Immanuel's homepage=>Writings of Immanuel then clicking on the link titled "The Definition of Common Law"





For some reason, as of April 23, 2004 the elite media is not covering the U.N., France, Russian bribery scandal. To quote the O'Reilly Factor "Clear evidence now shows [up until Operation Iraqi Freedom] high level U.N. officials were bribed by Saddam, as were high level officials in Russia and France. Millions of oil-for-food money somehow wound up in their bank accounts. At this point, the U.N. is largely corrupt." This is waaaaaay bigger than any other headline I have seen since the beginning of Operation Iraqi Freedom. This is even a bigger scandal than Watergate but it is getting no news coverage! Do an internet search and you will have a hard time finding any of the elite media covering this story. I now know why France was so vocal in their opposition to Operation Iraqi Freedom--they were accepting bribes from Saddam! (let me note here that the latest I have heard is that the corruption in France goes all the way up to Chirac who apparently used the money in his campaign!) For France to have the nerve to say the U.S. was going in to Iraq to steal the Iraqi's oil... I just hope that this story, despite the elite media, can spread to the American people, and from there to the rest of the world.


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