Our position is...


     13 degrees 30 minutes North, 56 degrees 32 minutes West. We are going 6.2 knots motoring due to the squally weather and, at this point, we have just enough fuel to motor all the way to Bequia. We are on a course of 285 degrees true and the wind is 10-15 knots apparent from apx. ENE. There is about 98% cloud cover with all sorts of different clouds and it is 84.2 degrees down below. The swell is not quite as large today as it was yesterday but it is still large. I can't stand it and just have to allocate one sentence to the future. Here goes. Not tomorrow but the next day we expect to make landfall in Bequia! The sun rose sinisterly this morning, the sky unnaturally blue and filled with millions of different cloud types each looking like they were computer generated. The bright white of the full moon contrasted too beautifully with the blue of the sky. In short, the sky was just too awesomely beautiful and innocent looking to be safe in the same way that cone shells are brightly colored and innocent looking but will shoot you with deadly poison. I watched the sunrise progress but, before the sun could quite make it up above the low clouds that lay on the horizon, it was Michael's watch so I woke him up and went to bed. It wasn't but a few hours afterwards when I woke up to 35 knots of wind and torrential rain. Michael fought at the helm while my dad and I pulled down the mizzen. We all came out of the storm unscathed except for my dad who has quite a dent and corresponding bump on his head from the boom jibbing over and hitting him on the head while he was trying to pull the mizzen down. The boom was pretty well sheeted in at the time so I think he will be fine save for a bit of a headache.:) My dad, thinking ahead, downloaded the weather off our email from Commanders just as he noticed the weather was coming up on us. It turns out that our terrible weather was caused by a tropical wave passing through. The weather seems to have cleared up now save for being squally. Have a good 4th of July tomorrow! Blow something up for us!   






P.S. I was wondering how many people are receiving these position reports. Grandpa and Jeff and whoever else is forwarding these position reports on to others, would it be possible for you to let me know how many people you are forwarding these position reports to?





I welcome any questions or comments!!!!