A Bit From Robby's Fishing Log(2002)


Day passage from Gili Banta to Bima in Indonesia. Ran Ilander Sailure far out and large, dark, bullet shaped, skirted lure close to the boat, and a teaser nine feet in front of closest lure. Catch about a 4 foot wahoo.

Overnighter from Bima to Gili Air in Indonesia. Ran same as above. Catch nothing first and second day.

Three day passage from Bali to Kumai in Indonesia. Ran same as above and caught medium sized female Mahi Mahi on the skirted lure.

Long overnighter from Kumai to Sulawasi in Indonesia. Ran same as above. Got one good strike on the Sailure but lost the fish while struggling to get the rod belt on. Also caught a 36 in. queenfish!! The first queenfish I have ever caught.

Passage from Thailand to Sri Lanka.
Day one- Run large bird teaser on a handline with Ilander Sea Star far out on Penn International and large, dark, bullet headed, skirted lure ten feet behind the teaser on the Okuma reel. Catch three foot barracuda on Sea Star and lose a marlin from the skirted lure. It charged the boat tail walking and I could not reel in fast enough to keep tension in the line.

Day two- Run same as above. Catch a four foot wahoo on the skirted lure and a two and one half foot little tunny on the Ilander Sea Star. Lost a HUGE billfish on the skirted lure. The billfish only took little nibbles at first so I went back to the stern and held the rod thinking it was a fish that was too small to be hooked. When I finally got the "small" fish hooked I was extremely surprised to see a billfish come leaping completely out of the water only about 60 feet behind the boat! Cool jump but it also lost me the billfish.

Day three- could only fish a little part of the day due to a bad storm with 42 knots of wind.

Day four- Did not fish. Too stormy.

Day five- The storm cleared up and I guess the fish were hungry. Ran same as always. Teaser, skirted lure, and the Ilander Sea Star. Caught 5 foot bull mahi mahi on Sea Star and had a double hit of little tunnys each about 3 feet long. Could only fish for a half day because I couldn't fish with the spinnaker up.

Day six- Sailing slowly. Ran same as above. Big fish hit the skirted lure repeatedly but I could not get the fish hooked.

Day seven- Arrive in Sri Lanka in the morning.

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