HOW TO USE THESE DESKTOPS--You should be able to use these desktops by clicking on one of the picture thumbnails to expand it. In the new window that will come up, with the expanded picture, save the picture to your hardrive by clicking on "file" then "save" or "save as." After you have saved the picture open the saved picture up, right click on it, then click "set as desktop background."

Right clicking on the thumbnails, or the expanded, unsaved, pictures, and setting them as desktop backgrounds is not recommended as doing so will degrade their quality considerably.

Back to Pictures!


Back to Pictures!

If you have Windows XP YOU CAN MAKE SOME OR ALL OF THESE PICTURES INTO A SCREENSAVER! I think I probably have made this sound more complicated then it really is but it really is easy.  Save the pictures you want for your slideshow screensaver in the same file on your hardrive. Once the pictures are on the hardrive, right click on the desktop, select "properties," select the "screensaver" tab, and on the popdown menu, where you would normally choose which screensaver you want, select "my picture slideshow." Next  click on the "settings" button, directly to the right of the popdown menu. Where you see "use pictures in this folder:" click on the "browse" button and select the folder you put the pictures in and say "ok."