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Exploring castles Hohenschwangau, the yellow one, and Neuschwanstein, respectively

Berlin. If you ever go to Berlin I would highly recommend taking the "Insider Tour." This tour was the best tour we took on our whole six weeks in Europe.

This bombed out church, background, was left as a memorial to World War II. The whole city looked like this church after World War II only about 68 years ago. Former West Berlin has already become a modern city but East Berlin is still working that way because its growth was stunted by the Communist occupation.

They are still tearing down old Communist block housing.

The terrible wall that the communists erected to keep the enslaved from running to freedom

The famous Brandenburg Gate. Where I am standing to take this picture many East Berliners were shot down while protesting against the Communists

The Reichstag. Both the Communists and Fascists had their seat of government here and it is now the heart of German democracy 

In East Berlin there are still bombed out buildings because of former East Berlin's Communist philosophy stunting reconstruction. These buildings where blown to pieces in World War II and are now inhabited by squatters who's definition of art is certainly unique

Checkpoint Charlie

Berlin Cathedral. Believe it or not but this is a Protestant church.

Berlin Cathedral reflected in the former Communist "cultural center." This building is one big rectangle. Save for this side it is built out of bare concrete slabs. No ingenuity, creativeness, or culture went into the design of this building.

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