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Monthly Feature Stories (by Robby Gray)


     Retelling some of our experiences, good and bad, while cruising around the world. Look for a new one every month.


Ships Log 2000 (by Lona Gray)

     More like a book then a log. This is Lona's story of our life from Curacoa in the Caribbean to the Marquasas.


Quote of the Month

     Every month look for a new quote about the sea on the "Writings of Immanuel" homepage.


A Non-Cruising Section of the Website


     While the cruising website deals with the more physical parts of our voyage this unique section of the website deals with the political and religious beliefs we have formed over the course of our travels including...


An article of the month

A page for you to state your views

A description of our worldview

A quote of the Month

A list of recommended resources



And Much More...

Homepage | Pictures!